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Siemens is a German conglomerate company based in Berlin and Munich. Siemen is the largest industrial manufacturing company in Europe. The core divisions of the company are industry, energy, healthcare and infrastructure. The most prominent division is healthcare, Siemens is the most prominent maker of medical diagnostics equipment which generates 12% of the companies total sales.

Siemens was founded in 1847 by Werner von Siemens and Kohann Georg Halske, the first invention was based on the telegraph and used a needle to point to the sequence of letters, instead of using morse code. In 1948, Siemens built the first long-distance telegraph line in Europe measuring 500 kilometres from Berlin to Frankfurt am Main. Ever since Siemens has continued to innovate and develop new products and now boasts a vast range of products in many categories.

Siemens Product Range

Siemens has developed plenty of products in the power generation, industrial automation, medical, railway, water treatment and home appliances.

The Siemens catalogue boasts some of the most technologically advanced electrical and industrial automation products. From their 3RW52 & 3RW55, Soft Starts to their vast catalogue of contactors, Siemens has a product suited for any industrial projects needs.

How Can Rowse Help You With Siemens Products?

Here at Rowse, we have been stocking Siemens products for many years from their electrical and industrial automation catalogue. We have been recommending to our customers the best products for their application, we specialise in machine safety and electrical automation.

Our team regularly attend Siemens training and product launch events to keep up with the latest developments from the company and to ensure our knowledge is industry leading. If you are looking for a Siemens part or are unsure of which part you should use in your project, contact our friendly team today to get all the information you need and the right product.



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