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Stauff’s product range offers some 50,000 standard items for connection, fastening, filtration, flow control, measuring and analysis. The company also offers customised production to suit specific needs.

Stauff is a manufacturing and distribution company of German origin. Starting up over 50 years ago, Stauff has developed into a group of companies with operations worldwide. Their core manufacturing activities are in pipework and hydraulic equipment. They manufacture and distribute components for engineering and service applications, and Stauff parts are also found in transportation, energy, and many other industries.

The Stauff Group employs around 650 people in Germany, out of a global total of 1,500 staff. In 2021 their external turnover was in excess of 283 million euros.

Stauff Products

At Rowse, we’re pleased to stock a comprehensive selection of Stauff core products. High-performance, quality hydraulic components are manufactured for containers, tanks, gearboxes and power units, with all the appropriate fixtures and accessories.


We stock Stauff clamps in a range of materials, including steel, stainless steel, aluminium and plastic. These provide simple and secure installation of both rigid and flexible components, such as hoses, tubes, pipes and cables. Outside diameters are available up to 1,016 mm. Options include a standard, heavy or twin series, as well as custom-made 3D-printed versions.

Tube Connectors

We can supply a range of Stauff steel tube connectors, covering all the most common sizes from 4mm to 42mm. These are available in a variety of fittings such as flared tube or tapered, and have a complete range of supporting accessories.


Stauff flange connections include a full range of steel and stainless steel 4-hole SAE flange connectors that conform with international standards. Also available are flanges for hydraulic pumps, together with many fixing accessories.

Hose Connectors

We can supply Stauff hose connectors for braided hoses in single, double or multi-layer options, as well as spiral and textile hoses. Hose connectors are available in stainless steel and coated carbon steel, in sizes up to DN 5½ inches.


We can offer a comprehensive range of premium quality Stauff hose, including hydraulic hose, thermoplastic hose, pressure wash hose, high-pressure hose, rail hose and PTFE hose.

Quick-Release Couplings

We can supply a wide range of Stauff male and female quick-release couplings. Options include push-in or screw-in couplings, offered in brass, corrosion-proof stainless steel or coated carbon steel.


Rowse stocks a range of Stauff control and shut-off valves, for controlling fluid media flows. Valves are offered in steel or stainless steel, and can be selected for medium or high-pressure ranges. Options include two, three, and four-way ball valves, throttle valves and check valves. Connections can be threaded or flanged, or constructed for plate construction. We supply many different types and sizes of gauge isolator and flow control valves.


Stauff test couplings include all sorts of equipment for monitoring, measuring and analysis of pressure, contamination, etc. These can be connected permanently or temporarily to digital sensors or analogue measuring equipment. A wide range of accessories includes test hoses and fittings.


We can supply a range of filtration units for partial or full-flow hydraulic systems. These include both component elements and housings for intake filters, return-line filters and pressure filters.



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