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Wylex was originally founded in the mid-1920s as George H. Scholes Ltd., a manufacturer of fuse boxes and electrical accessories. The Wylex Works was built by George Scholes in 1934, at Wythenshawe, near Manchester, which is still the location for the manufacturing of commercial and domestic circuit protection products. Wylex dominated the UK market for decades in the production of RCD protected, rewireable fuse units, although modern MCBs are now more commonly used in Europe.

Wylex today forms part of the large and prestigious UK electrical group, Electrium, which also comprises Crabtree, Britmac, Appleby and Volex Accessories. Since the beginning of 2006, the whole group has been wholly owned by Siemens Holdings plc, and thus belongs to one of the industry's foremost manufacturers, with formidable resources for R&D, logistics, marketing and global sales. Electrium has some 400 UK and international employees, producing a comprehensive range of Low Voltage products which are world-renowned for outstanding quality and cost efficiency.

Wylex Products

At Rowse we stock a full range of Wylex products for contractors, wholesalers and end-users in all types of industrial, commercial and domestic markets.

Distribution Boards

Wylex manufacture top quality distribution boards for use in commercial and industrial facilities. These latter include NH devices and distribution boards in various configurations, with incomers and accessories, metering options, MCBs and RCBOs. Also available with devices and accessories are modular options, panel boards, incomer and outgoing VM160s, MCCBs, NH250 MCCB cableways, meters, surge arresters, and much more. For domestic consumers, Wylex offers a range of NM and NMX consumer units and accessories, including meter cabinets and microgeneration units as well as NHXB, NHXL, NHXS, MCBs and RCBOs.

Fuse Combination Units

Wylex NH fuse combination units offer a high quality and economical range of switchgear products for industrial use. Units are rated from 20A to 200A and there are single or three pole configurations available. NH fuse combination units come in robust steel enclosures and are supplied with top and bottom cable glanding plates, a 180º removable door with a handle padlock, and fully shrouded terminals. These units offer extensive cable terminal capacity with ingress protection.

Switch Disconnectors and Isolators

We supply Wylex isolators for applications requiring local isolation, with a modular WS range of independently configurable switches which supply up to 4 poles of live and neutral switch arrangements. An additional range of enclosed padlockable isolators is available, suitable for commercial and industrial switch disconnector applications of up to 125A.



  • Distribution Boards
  • Fuse Combination Units
  • Switch Disconnectors and Isolators

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