Rowse Joins Joint Supply Chain
Accreditation Register (JOSCAR)

Post By: Ryan King On: 17-01-2020 - Company Updates

We are pleased to announce that Rowse has recently been approved for membership of the Joint Supply Chain Accreditation Register (JOSCAR). This important accreditation enables Rowse to join companies working in the various military sectors of Space, Aerospace, Security and Defence on a register of trusted and qualified suppliers. The register is a collaborative tool for industries and vetted suppliers. It acts as a centralised repository for compliance information and the pre-qualification of suitable suppliers. As a collaborative solution, this cross-sector resource cuts down on existing duplication, thereby reducing costs and the time required to source relevant products and information.


Rowse & JOSCAR Assessment

The process of JOSCAR accreditation demonstrates our commitment to quality and service, and acquiring these credentials greatly increases our standing as a supplier to the defence community. JOSCAR accreditation covers many aspects of a company's profile, including their supply capabilities, financial history, existing accreditations, security of information, corporate social responsibility and approach to ethical operations. To attain this valuable accreditation, Rowse was assessed on a broad spectrum of relevant business parameters, including the following:

  • Product quality and safety
  • Health and safety
  • IT security
  • Anti-bribery and corruption
  • Insurance
  • Counterfeit materials
  • Third-party certification

Our Policies On Sustainability And The Environment

Acquiring access to JOSCAR enables Rowse to trade with prime contractors on the register such as Rolls Royce, Babcock, and BAE Systems, who can be confident that they are dealing with a company on a proven database of pre-qualified organisations. The register is designed to ensure that companies only use the highest quality products and services, complying with best practices, thereby improving overall efficiency at both ends of the supply chain.

JOSCAR For Buyers And Suppliers

Buyers benefit from JOSCAR because it offers them accurate, comprehensive and regularly updated information on regulatory requirements and third-party risk. All the information is centralised into a single system, easily accessible to thousands of buyers, searchable, and open to reporting. JOSCAR provides instant results, reducing the timescale for renewing existing contracts or validating new suppliers. Data on the register is constantly and consistently checked to ensure only the highest quality, fully validated information.

On the suppliers' side, companies such as Rowse benefit from the single source of data, which can be simultaneously distributed to multiple customers. This is more efficient in time and resources, as multiple customers can access base supplier information such as compliance and profile. This can then be customised for the products and services required. We can also use JOSCAR to identify and to group customers with common requirements, so we can improve our business by sourcing on a larger scale.

All information on JOSCAR is gathered using a standardised questionnaire with selectable responses, saving time in completion. All buyer members using a financial services qualification system can see these supplier profiles. They can use them to source and validate third parties to set up new business contacts.

We are pleased that we have satisfied the requirements to become fully compliant on JOSCAR. Becoming a member assures our clients and partners that the service Rowse provides is of the highest quality, and complies with industry standards.

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