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Post By: Ryan King On: 17-01-2020 - Company Updates

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I'd like to wish all our friends and customers a very Happy New Year, as Rowse moves into its sixteenth year of electrical trading in Plymouth. Yes, that's right, we recently celebrated 15 years in business in the south west region as an electrical wholesaler! We're proud to acknowledge the help of our loyal customers in achieving this significant milestone, and I'd like to thank you all personally for your continuing support.

Here at Rowse, we've helped hundreds of customers over the years with varying projects, from supplying basic domestic components to larger business installations. From simple beginnings as an electrical and mechanical distributor, Rowse has expanded its horizons to encompass many associated branches of the business. In recent years, the company has also been shifting some of its focus towards pneumatics and automation, which has helped us to attract many new customers. We have built solid relationships with leading manufacturers in these fields, and our personnel have greatly expanded their expertise.

After 15 years in business, we have now diversified our Rowse company profile into Rowse Automation and Rowse Pneumatics, as well as maintaining our solid base in railways and military parts supply. We provide dedicated tools for finding and ordering NSN parts, and we keep up to date with the latest technological developments in the railway network and military fields. In the 21st century world of Industry 4.0, everything is changing very quickly, with AI and automated systems playing a much larger part in how we do things. From virtual reality to digital twins, Rowse is keeping abreast of developments, and working with our industry partners to supply the latest and best products.

We have a very experienced team specialising in electrical, pneumatic and automation products, who are always happy and willing to help our customers with advice and technical assistance. For example, we can offer you the option to carry out site visits and assessments, and have achieved some notable successes in improving plant and site safety in association with ABB Jokab. Such is our close relationship with this globally renowned company that Rowse was recently invited for a week of specialist training in ABB Jokab Safety products in Sweden. This was a great honour for us, as Rowse was the sole UK company representative of the ABB Safety Partner Network to take part.

We have also recently relaunched our company websites, developing separate sectors for each area of interest so as to provide a better experience for our customers. You can now go directly to Rowse Automation or Rowse Pneumatics, set up a trade account and use our quick quote system for one click ordering. This expansion and diversification has helped Rowse to grow significantly in the last two years, as well as offering our customers a wealth of information and technical back-up.

So here's to everyone who has helped us over the past 15 years in business, with our sincere gratitude for joining us at Rowse as we move forward into the new decade!


John Rowse. Director of Rowse

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